Sunday, February 9, 2014

"My Valentine of Love"

From Michele Bilyeu...
Oregon is facing the challenges of a huge snowstorm. We live down a long, long country road driveway and we haven't been able to leave the house since Friday.
And on Thursday, I learned that my brother Doug, of Eagle River, Alaska was put on a ventilator and into a medially induced coma.
This is the second time in just 2 years that my brother has been rushed by paramedics to Providence Hospital in Anchorage unable to breathe from severe cases of pneumonia. 
What is a worried sister, whose heart is filled to bursting with love and prayers to do?...

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  1. Your prayer flag is beautiful! Love and hugs to you. I wish your brother a speedy recovery and good health.

  2. Your flag is beautiful and cheerful in the winter wonderland. I am sure it will bring many happy and prayerful thoughts for your brother each time someone looks at it. Best wishes for his speedy recovery.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are going out to your brother and to you, for strength and healing!
    I "love" your flag!

  4. He will recover and then you can give him his beautiful flag ,that you made for him .