Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom, is a bit longer that our other pieces. I live in the mountain area near Yosemite National Park. Once a year we have Sierra Art Trails, where the general public drives around and comes to the artists Open Studio..

While I was sewing on the pearls for this piece, one of the artists asked if I would please show and sell some prayer flags during the October week-end..

Spread the word of Peace and remember the Pearls of Wisdom.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Andrea Hawkes: Prayers for Somalia

I, like so many, think about the famine in Somalia every day.  Donations, while important, just don’t seem enough against what seem to be insurmountable odds.  A prayer flag – can it really make a difference?  Well, I don’t know for sure, but I know that my heart is in this one (as in all of them) and while I may not be a very good artist, this flag seemed to come from somewhere through my hands and, for me at least, has meaning.  Inspiration, intuition – it seems to happen without thought or intention.  May the winds that take prayer flags take hope, love, rain, growth, food and change to Somalia .



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flags for Debbie

This week I mark the passing of my dear friend and neighbor Jean's younger sister.  Debbie died on Monday, August 15th, at the tender age of 40 from breast cancer.  Her death is such a loss for her friends and family.  I am so sad for them all as they mourn in their own way for the person that she was to them... Daughter, Sister, Mommy, Spouse, and Friend.

The flags are all made of reclaimed fabrics and have the names of those who will miss her most embroidered on the surface.

Prayers for the living are all I can offer.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

2 more flags from Loralei Walker

Life has been busy.. so busy in fact that all I have really wanted is in these two flags - time - to play, and time to just be me. The "play" flag is to remind me, and everyone who sees it, to remember the inner child, and to take time to play more often. The "time" flag is a prayer for myself, and for others who share these feelings - a prayer to allow time to come into our lives, and to let it work its healing magic, so that we can truly be... Loralei - the whimsical mermaid

Flag #2 - Play

Flag #3 - Time

Monday, August 15, 2011

Inspirations for Working With Fabric: Give Away

Prayer flags are now hanging in my studio... two sets from Tibet, and one long string of my own from earlier this summer.  Gorgeous flags from around the world have been photographed and emailed to me for posting, and so many words of support for this project have come my way over the past six weeks.  It is time to share some inspiration with all of you!

Inspiration for the artwork on our flags comes from so many sources.  Nature photography is a common theme.  


 Many people have used sketching as a starting point.  
Jane LaFazio
Some look to their families,

Nina Lisa Moen
 and others to the world politics.
Vivika DeNegre
Maybe inspiration could also come from a book...

I have never offered a book on my blog before, but the generous publishers at Lark books have offered a complementary copy of Masters Art Quilts, Vol. 2 to one of my lucky readers.  This book showcases the talents of twenty world renowned fiber artists who use a multitude of techniques.  Inspiration and illumination from the fine photography and excellent essays in this book could be translated into some mighty interesting flags...

Leave a comment below, including your email contact information.  Additional chances to enter may be found here.  A winner will be chosen on Thursday, August 18.

A winner has been chosen and notified... thank you all for your kind comments!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Andrea Hawkes: Matthew's Flag

This is Andrea Hawke's most recent prayer flag.  In her own words, ...

 I continue to make flags – not as often as I would like.

The process of these flags, for me, is quite remarkable.  I began this one a few weeks ago on a piece of batik I had painted and then I started added beads, not quite knowing where it was wanting to go.  Last night as I was arriving home from a very late day at work, I heard a wonderful Canadian singer, Peter Katz, sing a powerful song called “The Fence” about Matthew Shepard who, you may remember, was murdered because he was gay. (See The Laramie project for more information, if you do not already know.)   I do not often stay in a hot car to listen to a song but this one reached an emotional chord with me.  This morning I woke up and knew exactly where the flag I had begun a few weeks ago was leading me.   I added the stitching (the fence),  a piece of tatting that my talented sister sent me, the butterfly, and of course Matthew’s name – I am overcome with sadness at the moment – there is such much hatred in this world but I also know there are wonderful people out there, like Peter Katz, who will continue to make us all aware of the things that need and can be changed. 



Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Carol Howard Donati: Prayers for Family

This series of four prayer flags was made by Carol Howard Donati in memory of four departed family members.  In Carol's own words...

I made this group of four hand painted prayer flags in honor of some dearly loved and remembered family members.  It was a meditative experience.  I enjoyed using a different process to create each flag.  To underline the family connections between them, I made use of an overall related colour scheme.  Each individual flag incorporates a special meaning particular to the person it represents.

I used the cell shape on my mother's flag because she was a biologist.  (Freezer paper resist, seta colour paints on cotton, embroidery, pearls).

The eye shape is used on Gram's flag, because she read tea leaves and had thoughtful visions for us all.
(Acrylic paints on cotton, dyed and pleated dryer sheet, embroidery)

I incorporated the cedar bough shapes on my father's because he loved the forest.  I also added a piece of fabric from my mother's flag as a testament to his great love for her.  (Marbled seta colour paints on cotton, fabric from my mother's flag, embroidery, dyed dryer sheet.

A translucent collage for my eldest brother's flag represents the brevity of his short life.  (Translucent paper collage, gel medium)

I celebrate them all.  Let their spirits kiss the wind!