Monday, January 19, 2015


Michele Bilyeu writes about her inner transition into a new year in her blog post:  Reconnection

She describes her newest prayer flag by writing:

"Birds have always been seen as special messengers of hope from above. While bird feathers, besides being engineering masterpieces, are often seen as symbols of reconnecting us with hope, and a belief in the unseen and as yet unknown.

I love finding feathers along my own path whether I am simply walking in my own yard in Oregon where feathers are more likely to have been left from one of my own flock of domestic chickens or along the beautiful beaches along the channels of ocean waters in my home state of Alaska where I reconnect with childhood, family, and the feeling of being home and truly returning to my own nesting rebirth year after year."...
You can read more about her prayer flag of hope and the joy of reconnecting at: