Monday, June 30, 2014

Flags for Friends

Anne from France has sent us some flags that she has made for some friends.

"I have made 2 flags for friends:
One is for France who lives in Quebec and has some problems finding a place to work and live. She has some very new projects and I hope they can be realised. (On the flag is the Tower Eiffel for France and the Quebec flag for our 2 countries)."

"The second is for BEATRICE (an old friend also )who is very ill and cannot walk; she is in handicap "situation; so I give her WINGS (fairy, angel, dragon fly...) and the help of hollies...The feather brooch is in silver and from my mother..............sometimes we loose feathers....................."


Friday, June 27, 2014

Community Flags

Alexandria Zettler from this post has sent us some more images of a community project

"Here are some more photos of our group’s prayer flags. We plan on hanging them outside the art center on July 2nd.
Our focus is sending positive intentions out into the community, giving thanks for our island community, and mine are hopes and dreams for my daughters. Our group leader chose the traditional Buddhist prayer flag colors and we are hanging them in that order when we put them on the line outside. These are just a few. We have over a hundred flags made."

Zandy Zettler

A Heartfelt Collection

From Carrie Austin

"Hello,  This is my first time posting my prayer flags, though I've been reading the posts quite often on your blog.  Thanks for the inspiration to make these!   Garden Prayer Flags: The last couple of years I've made some memorial prayer flags, and flags representing each of my kids, but this year I'm loving the actual idea of a prayer flag. Writing a prayer on a flag and letting the prayer travel as far as the wind blows is a beautiful thought.  These are my prayers for the people I love: HEAL for my 7 year old niece Elina's heart! She's had to have open heart surgery, with more procedures to come.  This is also made for any physical healing needed by others. LOVE, A prayer of love for those missing their angels in heaven, no matter the age. I pray that we can feel their love for us, and love others to honor them. I added my angel baby Cassidy's name for me, but it's for everyone. PEACE for those experiencing a pregnancy after a loss. It's the second hardest thing I've done in my life, after losing a baby. Nobody else understands the anxiety of every minute, so I pray that my friends will feel some peace in the days and months ahead.  HOPE for those struggling with infertility.  I pray for them to have hope in God's plan, and hope in good things to come! Thanks again for inspiring the world in crafting beauty."   Carrie Austin

In Celebration

Lis Harwood has made this flag for her husband.

"I made it for my beloved, Alan, who was 70 years old this weekend (but we are whispering that large number).  His favourite colour is deep red.  He saw me working on the flag but had no idea it was for him, only when I gave it to him on Sunday did he say that he'd particularly noticed it because of the colours but hadn't thought it might be for him, he loves it.  My prayers on it are for Love, Joy, Health and Long Life."

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Beautiful Collection

Today we hear from Rebecca Mishler who lives in a senior apartment.
She has made these flags for the other residents

"Aloha, These are my first quilted prayer flags, Faith, Hope, Love.  I live in a senior apartment, hoping to send a good message to the seniors here."

"I hope these messages give them joy.  There is a lot of lonely people here."  Rebecca Mishler 

Monday, June 23, 2014

"Flags for my daughters"

"These are flags I made for my daughters, Tessa Marie (24) and Anna Louise (14). As I drew/painted each one, I thought about the gifts I would like to them to receive and to give via the elements, air or spirit, earth, water, sky, and fire. As a group, we are meeting every Wednesday night to make flags and hope to hang them outside the Cedar Key Art Center fairly soon. The experience has been fantastic. My older daughter has MS, so these flags feel very dear to me."

Alexandria W. Zettler.





More flags from France

"I made my prayer in french.
I love the little fairy and I want make a prayer for protect all the fairies.
My blog address :
Thank you for this beautiful project ...

Monday, June 16, 2014

Garden Trio

From Carolyn Hanson.
"My second little flag trio is for our backyard. The first picture I snapped captured magical little rainbow prisms of color, not visible to the naked eye. No photo filters were used; must be the sweet power of prayer~
Continued thanks for your inspiring blog.


Friday, June 13, 2014

a new contributor

My first attempts were inspired by your blog. 
On left, (partially covered w/clothespin!) hopes for my ailing Scottie dog. 
Middle: my broken heart when my other Scottie died after first one recovered. 
Right: my first attempt, including wool felting, for my 5 children's hopes & dreams. 

Sent to us from "farrboot"

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A trio of flags

Today we hear from Care Hanson

I've hung & loved Tibetan prayer flags for years, but never thought to create my own until seeing your lovely blog posts.
This trio was made as a birthday gift for my son-in-law, an avid gardener and brand new dad. Sewn into the scraps are thoughts of love & peace for him, my daughter & grand baby, Luciana.
Thanks for the inspiration; next I'll sew a few for our backyard~

Care Hanson

Monday, June 9, 2014

Prayer Flags from France

by Anne

Anne Gailhbaud from France has sent us these photos of the flags she has made with her daughter and grandchildren.

by RaphaĆ«lle 5 

Theophile, 3

by Anne's daughter

by Anne

This last one has been done for her son who has a very important exam this week.
Merci Beaucoup Anne!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sun Salutations

Here is a little prayer flag that I recently painted for my garden. I based it on the following quote:
"Just living is not enough," said the butterfly. "One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
Dandelion Ink Studio