Thursday, May 29, 2014

More from the Global Piecers

Teresa Mitchell  is another member of the Global Piecers mentioned in our last post. Her flags are ready to leave Scotland and fly off around the world.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Flags by the Global Piecers

Lis Harwood has joined us to tell us about the prayer flag swap she is organising as co-ordinate of the Global Piecers group.

"These "Global Piecer" prayer flags will be flying off around the world and were made with some very special friends in thought and prayer.  On each flag is written the particular prayers for the individual.  

The prayer flag to the far right was made for a very special "indigo sister" who is caring for four different loved ones with severe illnesses/problems at the moment and hasn't a moment or the energy to care about herself.  My prayer flag for her includes prayers and tears.

Lis has put together an interesting post on how she put these flags together here.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A pick me up.

Here is a flag sent to us by Vickie

 "I've been praying for someone whose been going through a tough time lately,
 I thought she could use a special little pick-me-up.
 As long as I can remember she's played the piano, sung in church and in can-tata's.
 For many years I stood behind her watching her hands move across the keys of an old upright piano while words of God's love were embedded in my heart from the old time hymns she sang." 


Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Here is a flag sent  by Beverly Hilbert of Arlington VA.

"I have attached the prayer flag I made on Sunday at Artistic Artifacts. One of the members made the base. The collage was made from the collection of goodies at my table. It was fun to do." 

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Prayer Flag by Judy Gula, owner of Artistic Artifacts 

" At my shop, Artistic Artifacts, I host Judy’s Altered Minds, a fiber/mixed media art group that meets monthly, and the April 27 meeting was devoted to creating prayer flags. Because of a teaching obligation I had to miss the fun that day, but I wanted to participate too! I began with fabric I monoprinted using a Gelli Arts™ Gel Printing Plate, collected scraps of ribbon and fabric. I laid out fabric strips and ribbon as I sewed the seam to create the hanging sleeve, so in one step I had the addition of hanging embellishments too. This is one of the flags I made dedicated to the idea of protecting our teenagers from suicide. Unfortunately our local High School has lost several students to suicide in the recent years, and it has affected my community greatly. Please visit my blog to learn more:

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Making Prayer Flags

Michele Bilyeu on a class making prayer flags with quilt guild members.

I had a wonderful time teaching a class on the making of "Peace and Prayer Flags, Garlands, Pennants, and Bunting" at the Polk County Fairgrounds in Rickreal, Oregon for our local Mid-Valley Quilt's "Quilt College".

What a great group of women! Each and every one went 'outside of her personal' comfort zone in creating peace and prayer flags, making them as individual as possible. And every single one of these lovely ladies added something that was unique, creative, and different than my samples!

I provided kits for 14 different peace or prayer flags and they had a wide variety of individual kits to choose from even among their favorite 'looks'.  I provided choices that included patriotic, country, Victorian, rainbow 70's, religious, spiritual, just plain cute, and native cultures and traditions. But of course, I didn't tell them, what was what, or give any advice on select and being me, they could switch ingredients and ink jet quotations if so desired.

And they did!....
read more at: Quilt College: Peace and Prayer Flags