Thursday, May 1, 2014

Making Prayer Flags

Michele Bilyeu on a class making prayer flags with quilt guild members.

I had a wonderful time teaching a class on the making of "Peace and Prayer Flags, Garlands, Pennants, and Bunting" at the Polk County Fairgrounds in Rickreal, Oregon for our local Mid-Valley Quilt's "Quilt College".

What a great group of women! Each and every one went 'outside of her personal' comfort zone in creating peace and prayer flags, making them as individual as possible. And every single one of these lovely ladies added something that was unique, creative, and different than my samples!

I provided kits for 14 different peace or prayer flags and they had a wide variety of individual kits to choose from even among their favorite 'looks'.  I provided choices that included patriotic, country, Victorian, rainbow 70's, religious, spiritual, just plain cute, and native cultures and traditions. But of course, I didn't tell them, what was what, or give any advice on select and being me, they could switch ingredients and ink jet quotations if so desired.

And they did!....
read more at: Quilt College: Peace and Prayer Flags

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