Thursday, July 26, 2012


Darla Deiparine created her prayer flag on rice paper which was varnished and put on painted cheese cloth and attached to a twig with a ribbon holder
SOAR -dig into life-find your bliss-be open to the universe  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Healing Gift

These flags were made by a group of friends as a healing gift supporting a friend.  It is not the first special set I (Linda Miller) have organized, but this one had extra meaning for me, as the recipient is one of my dearest friends. I was happy to be a part of this gift of love.  See more about the process of these flags on my post.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

180 prayer flags!

Hannah O. Koch writes: I am excited to share our recent endeavor at Vacation Bible School this year. Prayer flags!!! We were in a unique position this year to design and create all our crafts for the week and decided prayer flags would be a fantastic project for the children. We modified it slightly to a children's theme by using unbleached muslin and having them already sewn for the classes. The children were able to draw their special prayer with fabric pastels directly on the fabric and then our wonderful volunteers were able to iron them before we displayed them.

I started the lesson that day discussing our daily theme "No matter what people do... Trust God!" I then went on the discuss how we usually think about prayer, hands folded, on our knees, talking or whispering, etc. But then I asked them "Did you know you can pray with a pencil? Or a pen or marker?" This certainly made the children think. You could see the wheels turning!

I went on to tell the children that you could write your prayer or draw that special someone you wanted to pray for. The craft team and myself were touched by these special prayers all morning long and throughout the week by sharing them and treating them as the sacred prayers they were.


After displaying the prayer flags on twine in the craft room for a few days, we prepared them to be hung outside the church for the closing ceremony! This created a truly unique display of a Vacation Bible School craft like never before.

I would like to thank Vivika Hansen DeNegre for creating such a fantastic idea and Jane LaFazio for helping get the word out about this project. Through sharing this project, we would were able to give 180 children the opportunity to pray in a whole new way!"

You can see more images and the story of Hannah's prayer flags here and here.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Lorna Morrison from Perth Scotland writes "A prayer flag made for my friend Mary-Ann who is moving away to a new home, and asked some of her friends to make Prayer Flags for her to take to her new home."

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Prayer Flags for a wedding

Kara DeCarlo organized a the prayer flag wedding shower! The group made almost 100 flags and hung them around the chapel for the wedding. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Call to Artists: Prayer Flags!

Exciting news!


Give visual voice to your prayers by creating a prayer flag and submitting it to OMA’s Prayer Flag installation on view at Oceanside Museum of Art October 14 through December 31, 2012. Artists are invited to design a unique flag made of fabric and other materials that reflects their current and future hopes and dreams. Flags should be approximately 5” x 8” with a 3” sleeve on the topbackside of the quilt and must arrive at Oceanside Museum of Art by September 21. Please include your name, date and the desired prayer on the back of the Flag. It is suggested that the artist uses an iron on fabric label for this information.

Please address or deliver Flags to following address

OMA Prayer Flag Project
Oceanside Museum of Art
704 Pier View Way
Oceanside, CA 92054

Artists are responsible for mailing and/or delivering their prayer flag. Flags will only be returned if the artist includes a self-addressed and stamped envelope. All other flags will become property of the museum.

All contributing Prayer Flag artists are invited to a complimentary Artist’s Reception on October 13 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. and are welcome to remain for the preview reception of Quilt National the same day from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Please RSVP to by October 5 if you will be attending the Prayer Flag Artist’s Reception.

The impetus behind this installation, which was inspired by OMA’s Quilt National exhibition on view October 13 through February 12, 2013, was to provide a platform for the regional quilting community to express their prayers and concerns. The OMA Prayer Flag Project is based on Vivika Hansen DeNegre’s The Prayer Flag Project from 2011. She invited people from around the world to join her in making Prayer Flags. Each flag is created in the artist’s own style, then hung outside for a while, its words and sentiment dissolving into the wind and being spread to all whom the wind touches. For more information view the website managed by artist Jane LaFazio, who has been instrumental in bringing this project to OMA.

Prayer flags have been used in Tibet for centuries as a means to promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom. Traditionally they are woodblock prints printed with text and images that are hung outdoors in high places where the wind passes through the flags carrying the depicted blessings to all people. Flags are most commonly found in five colors; blue, white, red, green and yellow, representing the five elements.  


Opened in 1995, Oceanside Museum of Art educates and inspires through a unique range of diverse engaging exhibitions and programs that connect people with regional, national and global artists and art forms. The museum is open Tuesday-Saturday 10 am to 4 pm and Sunday 1 to 4 pm. Free admission every Tuesday, general admission is $8, $5 for seniors and free for students and military. For more information call 760.435.3720 or visit The museum is located at 704 Pier View Way in downtown Oceanside, California within walking distance from the Oceanside transit center with Amtrak, Coaster, Sprinter and Metrolink stops.  

Friday, July 13, 2012

a delightful gift

 Cindy Cooksey made this delightful flags for her sister-in-law's birthday gift!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

flags from recycled materials

From Benita VanWinkle " I was so inspired by the prayer flags in the Cloth Paper Scissors magazine March/April2012 issue, that I just had to make a set for myself.  I had  fun using all 'recycled' materials, from an old tattered potholder I remember from my childhood to the scraps left from curtains I made for my now 21 year old's room when he was a toddler.  My best friend's birthday is this month and I am now working on a set of flags for her.  Thank you for the inspiration!  Blessings to all!"

Friday, July 6, 2012

a powerful flag from Carol Esch

A very powerful flag from Carol Esch.
She writes: "I made this prayer flag for my granddaughter Alison who has a chemical dependency.

She's a beautiful girl and loved by many.
Shortly after it was hung in my garden she entered a rehab. We all hope for the best for her."

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A flag for wellness

Moira Hill's second flag: it's part of the Loving-kindness meditationfor a friend who is facing a very serious illness & his caregiver.
"May I be filled with Loving-Kindness
May I be well
May I be peaceful and at ease
May I be happy"