Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Carol Howard Donati: Prayers for Family

This series of four prayer flags was made by Carol Howard Donati in memory of four departed family members.  In Carol's own words...

I made this group of four hand painted prayer flags in honor of some dearly loved and remembered family members.  It was a meditative experience.  I enjoyed using a different process to create each flag.  To underline the family connections between them, I made use of an overall related colour scheme.  Each individual flag incorporates a special meaning particular to the person it represents.

I used the cell shape on my mother's flag because she was a biologist.  (Freezer paper resist, seta colour paints on cotton, embroidery, pearls).

The eye shape is used on Gram's flag, because she read tea leaves and had thoughtful visions for us all.
(Acrylic paints on cotton, dyed and pleated dryer sheet, embroidery)

I incorporated the cedar bough shapes on my father's because he loved the forest.  I also added a piece of fabric from my mother's flag as a testament to his great love for her.  (Marbled seta colour paints on cotton, fabric from my mother's flag, embroidery, dyed dryer sheet.

A translucent collage for my eldest brother's flag represents the brevity of his short life.  (Translucent paper collage, gel medium)

I celebrate them all.  Let their spirits kiss the wind!

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  1. They are beautiful in design and thought...