Saturday, February 1, 2014

All You Need Is Love

prayer flags

Michele Bilyeu here

All You Need is Love

 It's February, and our thoughts all go to Valentines Day, hearts, and love, love, love.
Are you singing the Beatles's song? I know that I am!  But then I grew up with long hair, skinny suits, mini-dresses, dangly earrings, tie dye, rainbow colors, graffiti, and hoping and praying for love and peace everywhere!

Oh, wait...those are all still here... and yet back "in" again!  They might have a new name or a slightly new look, but it's all part of how patterns all repeat in our lives. All we need is love..and somehow, that never, ever, changes.

So, I'm hoping and praying for peace and, there, and everywhere. Peace for the Super Bowl, Peace for the Winter Olympics, Peace for our homes and in our hearts!

And what have I been doing?......making peace and prayer's all about love!
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  1. LOVE the dove and ric rac one and the sentiment behind prayer flags is surely universal