Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Never Give Up

I just made a new Prayer Flag.

The prayer is "Never give up" and I hope my neighbor will draw force from it to keep on praying and 'fighting' his multiple health problems.

I am hoping everyone on the Prayer Flag blog will join in prayer with us.
The flag can be seen on my blog also where I explain in detail how I made it in both English and French.
Thank you so much, 

Anja Kieboom
from France near Grenoble


  1. thank you Lisa for posting the flag on the blog where so many prayers can be sent out.

  2. Beautiful Anja, and I'm so flattered you used my stencil. Xoxox

  3. So beautiful! I am sure your neighbor will appreciate this! As a brain stem stroke survivor that is something that I must tell myself every day. Never give up!