Friday, May 22, 2015

Flag Friday - Embroidery

Incorporating hand stitching into a prayer flag helps me to pray
and ponder over the person(s) I am creating the flag for.
Hand embroidery can be used to create text, as Sue Rideout did in her flag, or. . .
. . .to emphasize shapes, as Jamie Fingal did in this flag, or. . .
 . . .to create images, as Annika Lund and her embroidery students did in these lovely flags.
There are a plethora of stitches that can be used on prayer flags. Many more than just a straight stitch and french knot (even though those are both great stitches).  Rather than rewrite the book on embroidery tutorials here on the Prayer Flag Project, we are sharing some links to some top notch hand embroidery tutorials.

Mary Corbet's Needle 'n Stitch Video Tutorials - Over 70 easy to follow videos!
Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials - Picture Dictionary with links to Tutorials
The Purl Bee Embroidery Basics - Tutorials of basic stitches

I hope they will inspire you to incorporate a new stitch or two into your prayer flags, and then fly your flags by sharing them on the blog.  If you know of a tutorial not listed, please feel free to leave a link in a comment.

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  1. i sent three e-mails but i never got an answer do i have to contact the project so that my flags can be showed in an article? i can see them appear in the flickr gallery though