Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sad news from Maryly Matthewman.

I first posted on this blog March 17 2014. It is with heartfelt saddness that I have to say  our Prayer/ Wish Flag Project in Gilford, NH for John Bradley Thompson, age 6 has come to an end.  John went to Heaven yesterday as a result of a rare brain inoperable brain tumor, DIPG. Only 150 children in the US per yr develop this tumor.  His family struggled for 10 months.  There is no doubt that the Prayer/ Wish Flags helped John, his wonderful family, his little friends and the community deal with this difficult time.  In a few days friends and family will walk from a church to the community cemetary.   But the wind will be filled with wishes from hundreds of flags which will line the path.  Prayer Flags are a comfort and way to express wishes and hope.  They brought a community together to pray for strength and courage for a family and a wonderful little innocent boy, John Bradley Thompson.  Thank you, Maryly Matthewman, Meredith, NH.  Please check out John's Blog at thinkjohnbradley.

May your family share laughter, 
Your songs always play, 
May your Wishes come true, 
Even those left unprayed."

"A few days ago I posted and stated that our Prayer  Flag Project for John Bradley Thompson of Gilford, NH had come to an end. I was very wrong in this statement. This afternoon, his family, along with well  over 1,000 friends, NH State Police, gathered for the funeral of this remarkable 6 year old.  We all walked a half mile from the church service to the cemetery. The route was posted with hundreds of Wish/ Prayer Flags done earlier in John's illness to wish him health, strength, courage, and HOPE. During the service the minister talked to us about how we will carry on John's memory.  We saw first hand the power of Prayer Flags to all involved.  It absolutely united a community and gave strength and hope to a struggling family.  I hope to promote Prayer/Wish Flags whenever I can in the memory of John Bradley Thompson, Fly, Fly, Little Wing" Maryly Matthewman.


  1. It is with great sadness that I post this Maryly.

  2. Maryly,
    Such a loss of a precious little boy. And may all of our prayers flags fly in his memory and with strength for his grieving family and friends. This is so sad and I am so very sorry.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with John's family and friends. I pray his spirit visits his parents and family often and they are comforted.