Thursday, November 8, 2012

from Alaska

Michele Bilyeu  sends these images and writes "During a time of intense personal challenges where I have often asked for shared prayers, and well wishes for members of my immediate family, the designing of prayer flags has been a natural progression of my fiber art.  I am always in prayer, and endlessly creating prayers flags from the simplest of fabric strips that I hang from trees or my prayer arch outside, to genuine Buddhist prayer flags specially delivered from the city of Mungpoo in the Darjeeling District of the Himalayan mountains from a dear Buddhist Himalayan blogging friend, to these special art flags that I created for Oceanside Museum of Art

I have followed this Prayer Flag Project blog for a very long time, and have loved all of the beautiful flags that everyone has created. So, it was a a delight to extend my thoughts, my prayers, and the making of my own flags to a greater, and deeper meaning as I created my prayer flags for submission to the Oceanside Museum of Arts Prayer Flag Project and their project submission, now to be included as part of this group!

My flags were made on my own painted fabric with raw edge applique, beads and inkjet printing. They include quotations from well known sources on their fronts, and my own prayer flag blessings (in poetic form) on each of the backs of the flags to tie them into my themes.  

Knowing that my three prayer flags are flying high with so many beautiful creations,in California,  I know that so much goodness and intent is being manifested during all of our personally challenging times and the current challenges of Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy on the East Coast.  We are all combining our energies of manifestation, and healing from East to West, and West to East and the thoughts and prayers of so many only intensify with the height, the depth, and the breadth that all of these external energies of rain, wind, and storm!"

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  1. I am so delighted to have my prayer flags flying high, whether in Alaska, Oregon, or California!!

    But does anyone have any idea why my blog, or this blog, or the forces that be, have created the kazillion links below???

    I must just have some really powerful praying going on!