Sunday, November 27, 2011

Group Prayer Flag Project

group prayer flag project
Friends making prayer flags.
Jane LaFazio here. This weekend, Thanksgiving weekend, my friends and I spent the weekend at  J&J Ranch for our annual get-together. Our hosts have a fabulous studio, and were happy to let me lead the project. Everyone participated, and it took less than 2 hours.
group prayer flag project

I did some pre-preparation at home, beforehand. 
prayer flag production 1
I torn a long strip of fabric, 13" high , then pinned a 3 inch hem.
prayer flag production 3 (2)
I sewed the hem on the whole strip.

prayer flag production 3 (1)
Using a rotary cutter, I cut the flags into 5" panels
prayer flag production 4
Quickly created 17 flags, each finished to 5x8"

group prayer flag project

 group prayer flag project

friends   group prayer flag project

We had acrylic paint, brushes, stencils and fabric markers for everyone to use.
group prayer flag project   jose group prayer flag project
Once the flags were finished, we took turns sharing the meaning, affirmation, wish that our flag was meant to  convey, then strung them together on heavy string.

group prayer flag project
 The guys hung the flags.
group prayer flag project
Jill, our host, stands at the door of her studio.
You can see all the finished flags in the prayer flag project flickr group here.


  1. What a perfect day, and wonderful post!

  2. We had a great time. Thank you. I love that the wishes go out into the world by the wind and that over time our flags might fade, tear, unravel with the weather but are strung together with strong twine much like the fabric of our lives. xx

  3. Lovely project, and beautiful finish.
    I have a Prayer flag on my patio blowing in the wind, which I bought at a Tibetan festival event.
    It is said that when it blows in the wind it sends out compassion to all sentient beings.
    I like this idea of creating my own as well with my art.
    It's beautiful to share this in a group project.
    Thanks for the inspiration ;-)

  4. You have to love this! Friends and well wishes! Wonderful!

  5. What a great group project!
    A number of years ago, our pastor invited a buddhist monk to do a talk on prayer flags, and the Sew and Sew group had prepared a bunch of blank flags.
    My grown daughter and I were at a table with some of the oldest church members, in their 80s and 90s! We'd been asked to bring a favorite quote or book, and after.the talk, set to work writing then on a flag with Sharpies.... they were later strung, and hung in the church hall for a month or so....