Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vivika Hansen DeNegre: 30 Flags

30 Flags Completed and hanging in the garden

When I started this project last month, I had no idea the amount of time, effort, or energy it would take.  Although I vowed that each flag would be made in an hour or less, I did not count on the time to photograph the pieces, write blog posts, respond to inquiries, and manage so much information.  An hour a day?  HA!

Detail - Yes, I do love every "fibre"

I also was not prepared for the response, mostly from people whom I don't know personally, but have befriended through the internet.  I did not know that my hopes, dreams, or prayers would touch others, and that connection has been worth every computer glitch, poorly lit photo shoot, and pinched nerve from sewing at midnight.

My initial 30 days of posts are now completed, and I am moving into the next phase of the project which includes the entire fiber community who wishes to participate.  

I hope you join your prayers to mine on this blog, and continue to spread good will, kindness, hope, compassion, and understanding through this project.



  1. How timely that I stumbled across your blog. Well, stumble isn't right. I have been feeling a growing call to create something meaningful and useful. Something that I can create from what I have at home without purchasing anything. Don't know why prayer flags never occurred to me. I will definitely be joining in on this one. And who knows, I might even blog about it. :)