Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sharen Chatterton

How lovely to find an inbox filled with many different prayer flags after a much needed vacation with my family...  This week we'll be featuring a sampling of those submitted over the past ten days.  Please keep them coming!  They are all so beautiful, and their messages are now blowing in the wind with so many others.  Today's flags are from Sharen Chatterton.

I stumbled across the Prayer Flag Project as I was reading Jane LaFazio’sblog site. I was inspired to create two artist prayer flags that are now hanging in my side yard. The one with the sunflowers on it is a prayer for my family, as all families have, we have issues from time to time and this is a prayer to Trust in God and he will guide us to work though those issues in his own time. 

The crow flag is a prayer to live a simpler life according to God’s plan, not my own; not always an easy thing to do. I love that I see my prayer flags every time I go in my side yard (with three dogs, that is many times a day, to take them out to potty). What a wonderful reminder to send up a little prayer each time I see them. I am not a fiber artist, by any stretch of the imagination, but I have enjoyed adding fabric to my mix of creative outlets

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  1. You ARE an artist, Sharen. Your flags are beautiful, as is the prayer--one that most of us can relate to.