Monday, July 4, 2011

For the Dogs: Andrea Hawkes

Andrea is an animal lover, and her prayer flag is for Mobey, who like so many others, needs a forever home.

Don't we all have special places in our hearts for pets?  In keeping with this post, I wanted to add a comment received on Jane LaFazio's blog a few days ago from a dog who loved her prayer flags...  Yes, you read that correctly!

The clever pooch writes, "Wow, prayer flags. We dogs have a similar thing - Wish Sticks. It's pretty much the same story as the flags. Or at least they serve a similar function. 

We find sticks we like, chew them for a bit while we think about our wish. Then we leave the stick to release the good thoughts into the world. The stick might be picked up by another dog and have another wish added to it. This helps the first wish grow stronger and so on. The more wishes a stick has, the more likely the wishes will come true. I'll go find a stick right now and chew a wish for your friend Melly.
Tchao-wow from Portugal".

I wish my dog were that eloquent.  He's now snoring on the floor at my feet, probably dreaming of some wish stick he left behind...

Thank you, Andrea, for sharing your flag.  Thank you Jane for sharing the comment, and thank you Tchao-wow for adding a smile to this post!

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  1. I love it. This is a very clever dog. Not only does he leave good wishes on wish sticks, but he is able to eloquently explain the purpose of all those chewed up sticks.