Thursday, July 21, 2011

Caryl Park's Prayers from South Africa

This truly is an international effort..  so far, flags have been submitted from the USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, and now South Africa.  I've had inquiries from Australia and Peru, and am waiting for photos from those participants as well.  Keep the flags coming, and the good wishes and prayers hanging in the wind.

Today's artist, Caryl Park, describes her flags:

I saw some flags from this project and I just had to take part. These were made for a friend who has cancer. She was so blessed to receive them knowing that someone really cares enough to take the time to make them. 

I think it is such a wonderful idea and will be making more and more. I am sure my style will change as I go along and being inspired by all the other artists. Thank you so much for suggesting this idea to women all around the world, we really do appreciate it.

Lunetter is the most remarkable person. She has just come out of hospital and she looks like a ray of sunshine. I am always inspired by people worse off than myself, when I see them smile and having such courage. Please ask your readers to say a little prayer for her.

You can see more of Caryl's work on her blog.

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