Monday, June 27, 2011

Sheer Organza Flag by Martha Wofe: Fathers

Martha Wolfe is a fiber artist living in Florida.  She visited my studio a few weeks ago on a trip to the East Coast, and saw the first few flags in my series.  Martha was one of the first to join in and make flags of her own.  In her own words:

"I offer my prayer flag for June 19th, Father's Day, in homage to all fathers in general and my father in particular.

I give thanks for my father, a man of many talents. He lived out many happy moments tending his beautiful flower garden, sharing the colorful bounty with those he loved and cared about.

I give thanks for all the other fathers, be they brothers or sons, husbands or friends. May they nurture and guide the next generation with love and wisdom.

"Fathers" was created with hand-dyed fabrics and layered organzas, includes photo transfer and free-motion embroidery details. The packet in the upper right contains seeds from a bouquet of zinnias my father gave me. (note to self: plant the rest). Wanting a little something more, I searched my mother's button box and found a vintage leather button from one of Dad's tweed jackets. I also discovered a tag from a suit my father mail ordered from a "Hong Kong Tailor" back in the 60's. It reads "Specially Made For Mr W. R. Wolfe, Order No 10627". Seems very apropos".
I'm still working on the less than an hour part :)

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  1. Thanks for featuring my prayer flag, Vivika. Thus far, I've only done a couple, but I'm *hoping* to create one a week. I'm really enjoying the focus and meditation each flag demands, time to consciously reflect on all the wonderful possibilities in our world. Thank you for the creative inspiration!