Thursday, June 23, 2011

How To Make A Prayer Flag

   Mini Tutorial

This is how I make my flags, but feel free to be creative and change them to fit your own style.  I would like to eventually find an exhibition venue for this series.  If you would like to be part of this bigger project, please keep the 5”x8” dimension with a 3” hanging area as described below.  And Sign Your Work!  Let me know via email that you are “praying along” and include a photograph of your work or link to a blog so I can post about your flags as well.

1.              Cut a piece of background fabric to approximately 5”x11”.
2.              Create a place to thread a string by folding one short end over to the front by 3” and press, making a rectangle approximately 5”x8”.  Sew a row of decorative stitching either by hand or machine along the raw edge.
3.              Choose a theme for your prayer, and embellish your flag with paper, painting, stitch, embroidery, buttons, etc.  You are only limited by your imagination and your stash.  Examples of flags can be seen on my blog, and those listed in the links area of this blog.
4.              Use machine stitching to add free motion words and journaling to your flag.  I always include the date, and usually add a word to the surface of the flag.
5.              Journaling is important, and my flags all have a small paper tag with snips of words cut from books relating to the prayer.
6.              Lastly, I photograph the completed flag and write about the process and the prayer.    Email your photo to me at vdenegre*at*yahoo*dot*com so I can add your prayers to this blog.

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