Saturday, June 25, 2011

Prayers Answered: Nina Lise Moen

Last May, Nina Lise Moen made this string of prayer flags in anticipation of her father's surgery.  In her own words:

"Somehow working on these put my mind to rest. I feel happy and calm knowing that my prayers for my loved ones are blowing into the universe. They are hanging in the dead tree. I hope they can stay out there; I would love watching them sway in the wind and change over time".
One Year Later

Nina's flags have been hanging in her back yard for a year, and have gained beauty from the winds, snow, rain, and cold of Norway.   Her dad's surgery is in the past, but the prayers for a safe recovery are still adrift in the universe.

Nina was the first to join in and "Pray Along" with this project, and she has been prolific.  You can follow her progress on her blog, but here are some of her flags that she has made in the last two weeks:


Hanging in the yard


  1. beautiful, and so wonderful to see the flags and how they've aged so gracefully after one year.

  2. Wonderful blog page, just as you promised. Encouraging others to participate and send their prayers and wishes of peace and hope throughout our world is inspirational. Wishes that this project truly takes off and flies.
    Jennifer Cooper