Monday, December 12, 2011

Sonja's flags

New contributor, Sonja Hagemann, started created her first prayer flag on September 11, 2011.  
She continues to make them as time allows and has made them into a take-along project after painting the background fabric.
Sonja loves to paint on fabric and here are some of her first efforts. The backgrounds are old sheets colored with paints and inks and sometimes shiny glitter that catches the light. The flags are strung on torn selvages of her hand painted fabrics and knotted together. Sonja states "Hope seems to be the word that  surfaces first for me." 
 "what a great way to start a new year!"


  1. Sonja you always inspire me! I'm starting mine and working on them in the New Year. Yours are so beautiful!

  2. thanks artbug. can't wait to see yours ones!

  3. Just lovely sonja! I would recognize your style a mile away. Okay, no really a mile :-). Light and airy and hopeful, just right for a breeze.

  4. mahalo for your comments Linda and Needlewings .
    way time to get them out of drafts and into the breeze!

  5. So pretty - I love the pastel colors and layers of stitch...

    1. thanks Vivika for starting this project.
      last week i painted new ones wth a friend that was visting and she really enjoyed the idea.