Thursday, December 29, 2011


"Memories", December 25th, 2011
Martha Wolfe here. As I embrace the holidays this year I am faced with sorting through boxes of old photos and all of the memories of bygone Christmases.  Children now grown, relatives no longer with us.....sweet memories, bittersweet memories.  What makes each day so precious.  I am grateful for memories....
"Memories", detail
My "Memories" were created with a photo transfer using an inkjet print and gel medium, hand-stamped lettering, organza magic escaping the handbag with beads and crystals, machine and hand-stitched.  Details include antique lace and crystal buttons.  Enjoying the time to reflect as I sew......


  1. This a lovely way to honour those who are important to us.

  2. just beautiful! and so meaningful and true

  3. What a beautiful thing to do with old photographs. I have so many of them and have always wanted to do something more meaningful with them than just look at them!

  4. Thanks for posting this, martha, it made me smile with lots of good memories!

  5. totally in love with this prayer flag. hope to see more.