Friday, November 25, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving. I am a day late (and probably a dollar short) but it I've been busy between the turkey and the stuffing and the trip to the ER with my neighbors.

We were planning on turkey for 15 when Jane, my 92-year-old neighbor telephoned.  Rome, her 94-year-old husband,  a retired lieutenant colonel, veteran of WWII, had had a episode of gastrointestinal bleeding.  We called the ambulance and she and I followed in my car.

Two days later he is in the intensive care unit of a large teaching hospital but acting spunking and silly with the nursing staff despite continued bleeding, transfusions and acute renal failure.

I am thankful for Rome and Jane. They have served as our surrogate parents (and we as there surrogate children) for 17 years. We love them and they love us... and isn't that what true friends are all about.

Wish us luck in the days ahead!


  1. How lucky the four of you have been to have had each other. Hope that this turns out well!

  2. I love this flag. best to your sweet neighbors.