Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flag For Hope: Letizia Loffi

A new participant has joined the project all the way from Italy.  Letizia Loffi's first flag is for Hope.

In her words...

"Hope is the most powerful fuel in life.  Without hope, there are no projects, therefor no future".

"My flags pray for the forces that guide our steps in life...  This one is made of tapestry cotton, lace, and organza ribbon.  Little glass beads and silver rattles hang from the ribbons to give hope a cheerful note..."

Cheers to all!


  1. Hope is the hinge of everything isn't it?
    lovely flag !

  2. A heartfelt "thanks" to all who have commented from Letizia! She has asked that I post her appreciation in the comments, since her server will not allow her to do so (don't we all share in her frustration with technology???). So thankyou to all who have been moved to comment, and enjoy the flags...

  3. Wonderful !! Love the addition of the bells!!!