Saturday, November 12, 2011

Flag for determination and creativity

flag 17: for determination and creativity (orange)
Jane LaFazio here. This is prayer flag 17 for me. Orange: for determination and creativity.
flag 17
I'm still using mono- prints that I've made, as the base fabric of the flags.
17 prayer flags (and 1 feral kitty)
You can see all my prayer flags here. I'm working my way towards the goal of 30 flags.


  1. You set a good example Jane. I love your flags. I need to set my own goal as I have only finished one. There are many more in my imagination. I just need the painted, printed, or whatever fabric for my backgrounds. I am such a beginner just getting that will be an accomplishment and this is such a wonderful venue for learning techniques. Thank you. Linda

  2. What collection Jane!! each one is as glorious as the next!!