Friday, September 27, 2013

Quilting Arts magazine

Article in October/November issuer of Quilting Arts

Have you seen the new issue of Quilting Arts magazine?
I usually get my copy digitally so I was thrilled to receive this hard copy in the mail this morning.

My Protection and Light flags

Jane LaFazio has written a wonderful piece on prayer flags and about what we do here on this blog.

Flags from Jane LaFazio and Julie Hernandez

Hopefully, seeing this will inspire more to get involved.

Flags from Jamie Fingal

Thank you to Jane, and of course Vivika

Jamie Fingal and Martha Wolfe


  1. Just find this blog. Love it. Prayer flags are beautiful and I plan to make some. i would like to put the prayer flag button on my blog but cant find the code on your site. please help. I have started following you and now with start making a flag group.thank you.

    Nancy Lannom

  2. I was able to put prayer flag button on my blog. I also put a link to your tutorial on my classroom page. Thank you

    Nancy Lannom

  3. how does one find the prayer flag button i would like to add one to my blog as well i am a prayer worior and quilter please stop by and visit my blog and join in thanks!! i love your blog as well"

  4. We will be adding a blog button code soon. In the meantime you can use the "add an image" gadget on your blog.