Sunday, September 1, 2013

For the Garden

Mostly all of the prayer flags that I (Jamie Fingal) have made, grace the wall inside my studio.  Today, I made some with stenciled houses on them, to hang in the garden at home

A view in the garden

Another view - they are 2-sided.  Blessings for our house!


  1. Mahalo for sharing your garden prayer flags with us this morning. Lovely!

  2. oh they are just beautiful ....

  3. Lovely. My garden could have used a few prayers this year... a bit shy on the vegetables, but full of flowers.

  4. I keep my prayer flags indoors. But your new ones look so pretty outside!

  5. they are so pretty!
    A friend who is a Massage therapist (as I am) used to keep a basket of blank flags and a Sharpie in his office, and invited clients to write a prayer or saying on one (or more) when they came for their session! He hung them on his fence (perhaps weekly? )