Saturday, May 11, 2013

"West" and "Boston"


Today these flags are from Faye Cook.
"I've been making prayer/ memorial flags on and off for years (if I don't make a flag its a spirit doll).
Some are for peace love and happiness and some are about events that have happened in the world or to me. Making flags or dolls about whats happened helps me come to terms with different events as well as placing a prayer out there.

'West' is for the folks at West, Texas after their fertilizer factory fire/explosion.That must have been a hell of a night of chaos and worry a bit like being to hell and back."


"Boston is of course about the Boston bombings, if you look at the swirls they make question marks because I just don't understand how you can do something like that."


"My response to such a horrible event is to love ,love those how suffered and love those who caused the suffering.That is why the flip side of Boston flag has the old slogan of "make LOVE not war" on it.

Hoping you like or at least can relate to my prayer flags"  cheers Faye

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