Thursday, May 9, 2013

Prayers in the park

Robin, Billy, Jonathon, Jonah,and Diana
Donna Mitchell from Schertz, Texas has sent us these photos.

"My prayer is for Love because I believe everyone on this earth deserves to be loved. My wish is that the wind will carry this little prayer to someone who really needs it. I took 5 children that I love to the park and told them the story of the Prayer Flag Project. We all made our prayers and our flags as uniquely different as we each are!"

Thank you Donna


  1. I grew up in Schertz! Love the flags and that kids made some too!

  2. LOL! I came to tell her about you, Julie (jaeartworks)!

    Actually, I thought you...Donna...had possibly seen Julie's kids flags that were here a few months (weeks)? ago. Both of you are in TX...and both teach children.

    I love what you've done here with the kids and totally feel the love! Please thank them for me.

  3. simply wonderful!! Thank you Donna for doing this!