Thursday, August 30, 2012

like water, feel peaceful

prayer flags for the blog

Linda Kunsman writes "Since discovering The Prayer Flag Project I have been making them for swaps and friends and love making them."


  1. I would like to know the source of this quote so that I can use it in the future. It's just beautiful.

  2. I'm sorry-I don't know Diane. I have an unmounted stamp (bought at a convention some years ago) with these words on it and wasn't able to find the author of it. I typed it onto my background for this flag.

  3. This is a beautiful flag.It's a lovely idea.
    Grrr I'm afraid I get a Bit Frustrated when I can't read the danged leeters in the verific'n this is my third try.After 3 I give up!
    I think I prefer to be a robot!

  4. another stunner. what a beautiful quote, must look it up on google. i love this website, so many different interpretations for a prayer flag.