Friday, March 2, 2012

Believe you can beat it....

Juliet Ayer made this flag for her friend who is undergoing treatment for cancer. He had good results from his scan, as the chemotherapy has worked, however it did  reveal something that needs further investigation, so he is going into hospital for a biopsy next week. He is naturally worried and disappointed that he didn't get the all clear, but I know he can get through this - he just needs to believe that he can beat it .

I've made it using some Kaffe Fassett patchwork fabric that a mutual friend found for me in a charity shop. The words are free-machined in a bright green, and the wooden heart charm is to emphasise that all of his friends are thinking of him and supporting him through this challenging time.


  1. This one is most beautiful indeed. May the prayers proceed to do their work effectively

  2. Yes, hopefully the breeze will pick up the prayers.