Thursday, March 15, 2012


It has been some time since I (Linda Miller) created a flag for this project.  A number of recent events in friends' lives inspired the making of this flag.  Auspicious Beginnings came about to acknowledge the excitement, challenges, trepidation, and acceptance of new starts... a friend's daughter is getting married, others are redefining life after losing their mate or parent.  There is grief, joy, confusion, hope and love in so many lives... beyond my small circle as well.  My wish is that those new steps be met with openness, whatever the feelings may be.
I chose to add some images of Ganesh to this flag.  In India, he is considered the remover of obstacles, and is praised at the beginning of every undertaking and journey.  May his energy be of assistance.


  1. i love the words you used for your flag. i always have trouble thinking of what is important in a prayer. i am thinking of embroidering a whole flag with just words.