Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Love Sewing Australia

The Prayer Flag Project has been featured in issue 8 of Love Sewing Australia magazine! 
Let us know if you see the article in real life. 
We are always happy to share the joy of prayer flag making and flying.
Hopefully this article will encourage more people to make and share their prayers with the world.

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  1. Love it! I remember back in the 70s when I received my very first set of prayer flags, how absolutely magical they felt. I knew then that they would become a part of my life. I hung that first set in my house until there was no color left in them. Now, I know they need to be hung both inside and out, and I do. Viveca brought them through this blog and her blogging, to a whole new level and combined the power of their energy with the power of creative energies. And what I loved best about this blog, is that it shows that they do not need to be 'works of art' but as I say on my own blog about all of my prayer flags..'works of heart.' Without this blog, even more so than the many others that now abound, it has given me a way to feel connected with prayer flags and prayer flag makers all over the world and before I felt completely alone making things that others saw as foreign. Now, they are universal, as they truly are and always should be. Here in Salem, we've even had art shows about them as artists took in the genre as their own. But it is the children, it is the garden flags, it is the ones from the heart over the art that makes them and us, human. Love all of this! Spread the word, spread the love. Thanks, Lisa!