Monday, March 23, 2015

Thrown to the Wind

Guila Greer

I was shopping for something else in one of our local crafty chain stores and saw this forlorn and forgotten package of burlap in the clearance section. It was already cut into 4 "prayer flag size' pieces but I don't think that was the original intent - nothing written on the package. Anyway I immediately jumped to that idea although I had never seen burlap flags or had made any myself. By the time my friend and I left the store I had sketched out in my mind a vague notion of how I would use them and couldn't wait to get started. It was a learning process from the beginning and I pretty much made it up as I went along.

 One caution - when making prayer flags one should avoid stitching into the area at the top that is supposed to be left clear for hanging, lol.
 Can't wait to get started on another set!


  1. Dear Guila, I've made a lot of burlap prayer flags and love them! In fact I submitted some for the Prayer Flag Project when there was a call-out for submission to Quilting Arts Magazine and there are online at Quilting Daily. I think that prayer and prayer flags are a wonderful pairing for any and all fabrics but burlap reminds me that prayer is often called upon during the darkest and roughest of burlap with its surface qualities is a great fit.Thank you for reminding others that any fabric is suitable, even paper works as has been used on this blog when fabric wasn't available. Love yours and hope you make and fly many more of many colors, shapes, textures, and styles. We need all kinds of prayer in this often sad world of ours.

  2. Michele, thank you very much for your kind words and for all the work that YOU do to bring attention to some of some of the sad needs of our world. Yes, burlap is an apt metaphor for rough times plus providing such inspiring textures for hand work. I love the whole concept of Prayer Flags and am so glad that the quilting world has gotten involved. My next set is taking shape in my mind right now - can't wait to start! (big smile)