Friday, August 8, 2014

Prayer Flags for Birmingham, AL

Last weekend I held a mini workshop in my town for our "sister project" (The Happy Prayer Flag Project) and we created dozens of flags that will be sent to the city of Birmingham, AL to welcome the Dalai Lama this fall. Learn more about this wonderful project here. We had children of all ages creating flags, sewing, embroidering, and coloring their hopes and dreams in cloth. What a blessing to be able to share Carrie Bloomston's project!
- Vivika


  1. Such a wonderful projects and so heart touching for such a special occasion and visit to be remembered. He came to Oregon not very long ago, and while tickets were sold out immediately and I wasn't able to attend, my youngest daughter did and she has a wonderful ability to pass on the beauty, humor, and feelings of her experience! I do hope you will be able to attend and share that with all of us!

  2. The flags are beautiful and the sentiments are awesome and will be a wonderful welcoming outreach to the Dalai Lama.