Friday, June 27, 2014

A Heartfelt Collection

From Carrie Austin

"Hello,  This is my first time posting my prayer flags, though I've been reading the posts quite often on your blog.  Thanks for the inspiration to make these!   Garden Prayer Flags: The last couple of years I've made some memorial prayer flags, and flags representing each of my kids, but this year I'm loving the actual idea of a prayer flag. Writing a prayer on a flag and letting the prayer travel as far as the wind blows is a beautiful thought.  These are my prayers for the people I love: HEAL for my 7 year old niece Elina's heart! She's had to have open heart surgery, with more procedures to come.  This is also made for any physical healing needed by others. LOVE, A prayer of love for those missing their angels in heaven, no matter the age. I pray that we can feel their love for us, and love others to honor them. I added my angel baby Cassidy's name for me, but it's for everyone. PEACE for those experiencing a pregnancy after a loss. It's the second hardest thing I've done in my life, after losing a baby. Nobody else understands the anxiety of every minute, so I pray that my friends will feel some peace in the days and months ahead.  HOPE for those struggling with infertility.  I pray for them to have hope in God's plan, and hope in good things to come! Thanks again for inspiring the world in crafting beauty."   Carrie Austin

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