Thursday, December 27, 2012

Prayer Flag posting

Hello dear prayer flag makers around the world! 

Thank you so much for participating and making flags for yourself, others and the world. Many of you are posting beautiful and meaningful flags on our prayer flag project flickr group ~ thank you. 

As administrator of this blog, I need some help or a new way to get your flags onto this blog. The flickr group is full of flags that never make it to this blog. The system that does work is when you email me ( and send me a jpeg and description and your blog address (if you have one) and then I post the flags on this blog.

There are options. If you are a regular blogger, and know how to use blogger, you can become a co-administrator of this blog and post directly. (Just email me for permission)

Another option is for me to post directly from your posts on the flickr group. That means I often won't have the information behind the flag, or your real name, or link to your blog (if you have one). 

So, I need some help, some suggestions! 
Please, let me know your thoughts. I want this blog to continue, and I need some help.

Jane LaFazio 


  1. Hi Jane,

    I tried to email this using the links from the email you sent but got notice both times that the mail didn't go through. So...

    I made some prayer flags for the children of Sandy Hook and looked around a little bit to see if I could post them on the blog....and couldn't. I also received your request to add my flag from flickr to the blog. So, I've thought about this a little bit. But...I'm not that computer literate. You know...old hippie and all that stuff.

    I participate in several 'linky' blogs from time to time and thought that might be a good option. If you were to invite people to link their blog posts to the existing would be a fairly simple thing for you...I think. I hope. You could have a page that you would never have to change...with or without a comment section. The blogs that I link to change every week but I'm pretty sure you could have a never-ending link-up. Here's a link to what looks to be a fairly simple process...BUT I haven't tried it myself. Another plus to this system is that lots of bloggers are familiar with it. If you're not with them, let me know and I'll go find some of those that I like so you can see how it works.

    You could also add a gazillion people to the list of administratorson the existing blog, but personally, I prefer the link-up. I'm co-admin on a couple art quilt blogs and it just seems to clutter my dashboard and has taken a bit of time to figure everything out. (Remember - old hippie here). What I really don't like about being co-admn is that I would prefer to post on my blog only. If I want to say something to a specific group...that means I have to also post there. And I haven't figured out how to copy and paste a post - but I've tried!

    I think the 'email you thing' is WAY too much work for you. You should spend your time making more beautiful art (and teaching it). Just my opinion...but I know I wouldn't want the job. Same with posting from flickr. It's just more work than you should be doing.

    Ok...that's my $20 worth.

    Hope you come up with a good plan because the Prayer Flag Project is one of the most wonderful things I've come across - ever.

    Create Your Life,

  2. May I suggest that it be made more apparent on the blog that there are other administrators available. Is it possible to spread the load among those of us who are already signed up. I am more than willing to do my bit.

  3. While I've not yet submitted anything to be included here (on the 2013 list), I've been part of several multi-party blogs where each of us post at will just as we would on our own blog. That system has always worked well - we can edit our own words and share our thoughts without an intermediary.

    The way things are on this blog now, it is too labor intensive for certain people and not conducive to spontaneous sharing from the 'peanut gallery' ... Glad you are considering changes to keep it fresh and allow more voices to be heard.

    I love this project!!