Thursday, October 4, 2012

more prayer flags for Oceanside Museum of Art!

Linda Friedman joins us on the blog today, with 7 prayer flags that she created to hang at the Oceanside Museum of Art
Linda writes: "Although I’ve been creating prayer flags ever since I first saw the Prayer Flag Project in Jane LaFazio’s blog, I had not signed on to be a member. Only yesterday did I figure out how to add The Prayer Flag Project gadget to my blog but once I did this, I instantly felt like a bona fide member of a world wide community linked by hearts filled with prayers for friends and loved ones and humanity at large. Since I live within a stone’s throw of the Oceanside Museum of Art, I grabbed 7 of the prayer flags I have made and took them to the museum today. To see each of the 7 flags with messages, check out my blog post today.

Yes, everyone. The museum is still accepting prayer flags and hanging them as they arrive. I hope everyone who submitted a flag will have the opportunity to see them flying in a tent formation overhead in the Oceanside Museum of Art lobby. The heartfelt messages are very moving and the variety of outstanding art seems limitless."

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  1. i am still trying to figure out how to add the prayer flag project badge . . .
    i've added many others to my blog but this one has me stumped.