Monday, April 16, 2012

Flags in progress

i hadn't wanted to post my latest prayer flags so that others from around the world could also post a few of theirs in between.  but jane (one of the coordinators of this wonderful project) contacted me today to ask me to upload a few pictures of some of my other flags.  most are finished but a few are still in progress since i often switch mediums to break the routine a bit.

as you can see, i love the sacred heart motif and use it quite a bit in my fabric work.  both of these are still in the making: just need to mount the second one on a background fabric and add some wording.  the previous is still waiting for some black stitching for the detente of which i am out of at the moment.

hope you enjoy them and get some inspiration to make your own.

here is a more whismical prayer flag i created recently.  what was i thinking?  or was it that extra glass of wine at bedtime?

constanza berger from chile


  1. I LOVE that bug person! The facial expression that says "I better get some adventure pretty darn soon or I may die of boredom," plus those spots... Fabulous!
    ~~~the Art of Inclusion~~~

  2. Beautiful flags! I love the bug person, too--whatever you were thinking, it was just right.