Friday, January 13, 2012

Juliet's flag: Hope for the Health of her Friend

Juliet Ayer writes about her flag:
This is my first Prayer Flag and it is for a friend of mine who is undergoing chemotherapy treatment and having a rough time of it. My hope is that he returns to full health soon and that the treatment is a success. This is something I wish for all people suffering at this moment in time.

I have hung my Flag out today so that the words can be blown around the world. With the gales that we're currently having in the UK they will be speedily dissipated and working their magic.

I like to recycle & re-use, so I made my Flag out of an old duvet cover & backed it with a piece of an old shirt. I then free-machined a healthy, vigorous plant growing upwards, with a blue bird of happiness perched on a leaf. I used strong orange/red thread for the prayer itself to emphasise the message. It was nice and quick and simple to make as I wanted it to start working as soon as possible.

1 comment:

  1. It's beautiful, and I share your prayers. I too have a friend who is ill, though not the same as yours. Thank you for your flag!