Thursday, September 15, 2011

Small Prayer Flags: A Visit From The Muse

This is a series of 12 Prayer Flags made in response to a challenge by the group "Fiberactions".  Every two months, we each make a quilt that is 16"x20" based on a theme chosen by one of the members.  This month's theme was Texture... and I failed miserably at creating a piece which I could post on our blog with pride.  It was awful.  I mean it.  Awful.

Then with only a few days to spare before the posting of our creations, I had a visit from the Muse.  Cut it up, she said.  Fold it over.  Embellish.  Add some felted balls.

The result is 12 little flags, 3"x4 1/2"... one for each of the members of the group.  I will be sending them all their own little flag, in hopes that the Muse also visits them.  You can visit our blog and see all of the lovely quilts made for this challenge (including my original attempt before it was sliced ) at
Finished Now